Monday, March 10, 2014


Oh my gosh this has been me allll day, to put I very simply I just don't feel like studying but with an Exam in Anatomy & Physiology next Monday on 3 chapters I really do need to be studying right now. 

But it's so pretty outside for the first time in weeks and I didn't get lots of sleep last night due to me having to close last night at work (blah). 

Also it's really hard for me to focus because my mind is still running rapid with whether or not my boyfriend will have to leave for deployment. He talk to them today and they asked for his email so now we're just waiting on that email. The waiting is driving me CRAZY. 

I know I will feel better once I actually know the yes or no answer..but having the opportunity to talk to him about it last night really helped me, if he has to leave I'll share with you guys on it cause I know I will need y'all's support 

Much love,

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