Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So yesterday my cousin drove down and surprised me by taking me shopping. Yes I was very excited about this because three important dates are coming up that I need outfits for- Tamar Braxton concert in June (I got the Tamartian package so I get to meet her eeekkk!), my family's summer vacation to Washinton D.C. in July (can't wait to see all the monuments and mostly spend time with my family) and Beyonce & Jay Z concert in July(so FREAKING excited). Yes my summer is very busy, but I wouldn't ask for it any other way. So I walked in the mall not having any clue of what I was looking for and then I came across this beautiful romper.
I'm thinking about wearing this piece to Tamar's concert since I know it will be nice and hot but I'm still undecided.

Every since I purchased my tickets I've been on a hunt for what I'm going to wear for the Beyonce & Jay Z concert, it's going to be the end of July so it's going to be extremely hot so I don't want to be overdressed and also not undersressed (since there will be thoudsands of people there) most of all I want to be comfortable, so I picked out two pair of shorts
Light Wash
Dark Wash
both are boyfriend cut since I'm not a fan of high waist because no matter what whenever I try them on I see my butt cheeks hanging out and I don't want that; but sadly I couldn't find the perfect shirt, I actually was thinking maybe I should stan out and wear a Beyonce T-shirt but my cousin who I'm going with is extremely against it lol. What do you guys think I should do, comment below and let me know and if you're going to the concert let me know what you're wearing. 

Much love, 

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