Monday, March 10, 2014


Oh my gosh this has been me allll day, to put I very simply I just don't feel like studying but with an Exam in Anatomy & Physiology next Monday on 3 chapters I really do need to be studying right now. 

But it's so pretty outside for the first time in weeks and I didn't get lots of sleep last night due to me having to close last night at work (blah). 

Also it's really hard for me to focus because my mind is still running rapid with whether or not my boyfriend will have to leave for deployment. He talk to them today and they asked for his email so now we're just waiting on that email. The waiting is driving me CRAZY. 

I know I will feel better once I actually know the yes or no answer..but having the opportunity to talk to him about it last night really helped me, if he has to leave I'll share with you guys on it cause I know I will need y'all's support 

Much love,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keeping Me Strong

So today I found this quote on Pinterest and it just sums up everything I feel. We still aren't sure if he'll be leaving soon but we know it's probably a 90% chance. I don't want to ask to many question because I know it's something he doesn't want to happen so I know he'll prefer not talking about it. I just making sure I'm here for him and I want to spend time with him but my spring break is coming to an end and he's in drill currently as I type. Maybe we'll know by the end of today what the future holds but I know one thing for sure I'm going to always be right there by his side no matter what. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

Wow!!!! That took way longer than I expected (whew) but I did it (yay me)!!! Okay on to the serious stuff....I'll start off by introducing myself my name is Sha (pronounced Shea) and I'm 20 years old currently a student.   

I'm starting this blog for so many reasons one reason is, I feel like I need to share myself. I watch lots of YouTube videos and so many of those vloggers inspire me and I want to communicate with inspiring people and inspire someone.

But most importantly I'm starting this blog so I can get through my boyfriends upcoming deployment. I feel as if this blog could help me feel like I'm accomplishing something and I'll always have this memory to look back on. 

I asked that if you stumble across my page please follow my journey, the support I get will be like the hand that's guiding me (if that makes sense).

Now to explain what I'll be sharing on here:
For starters, I know for a fact I'll be writing how I'm taking everything and the new things I'm learning about deployments
Secondly, I'm going to assigned myself to lots of projects around the house so I would like to document my progress through those 
Next, I love make up and could talk about it all day so I know I would have stuff about that 
Also, my love hate relationship with college and my progress with the application progress with the program I'm trying to get into 
Lastly, I will post about life in general everything I'm going through and what I'm learning each day "the rest of my life" 

Much love, 

P.S. this is going to be so much fun, I'm having to stop myself from typing now because I don't want to stop :)